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Full-Time HouseKeeper<br>Full-Time HouseKeeper

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About Us:

We are a vibrant and inclusive educational college dedicated to nurturing young minds and fostering a practical, supportive environment for our students and staff. We are currently seeking a dedicated and versatile School Housekeeper to join our team and play a crucial role in maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of our school premises during term time, including individualised education planning weeks.

Position Overview:

As a Term-Time School Housekeeper, you will be an integral part of our team responsible for ensuring the cleanliness and organisation of our school facilities during the academic year. This multifaceted role will include various tasks such as cleaning, refuelling vehicles, assisting in the kitchen, tidying resource and consumable items, answering questions, maintaining the cleaning cupboard, and shopping for supplies.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Cleaning: Perform daily cleaning tasks during term time to ensure classrooms, common areas, and restrooms are spotless. This includes dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and disinfecting surfaces.
  • Vehicle Maintenance: Fill up school vehicles with petrol and ensure they are clean and in good working condition.
  • Kitchen Assistance: Assist the kitchen staff in meal preparation and clean-up during term time.
  • Tidying and Organisation: Maintain a neat and organised appearance throughout the school, including arranging furniture and keeping items in their designated places.
  • Customer Service: Be a friendly and approachable presence in the school during term time, answering questions from students, staff, and visitors courteously and professionally.
  • Cleaning Cupboard: Keep the cleaning supplies cupboard organised and well-stocked during term time, ensuring all cleaning materials are readily available.
  • Shopping: Purchase cleaning supplies and other necessary items during term time to ensure the school is well-equipped and stocked at all times.
  • Student Support: Provide instruction and direction as required with students.

Working Hours:

  • This is a full-time position during term time, including IEP weeks.
  • Specific working hours will be provided upon employment and may vary based on school needs.


  • Previous experience in housekeeping work is preferred but not required.
  • Excellent organisational skills with an eye for detail.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Basic knowledge of cleaning supplies and equipment.
  • A valid LR driver’s license is preferred.


  • Competitive salary
  • Professional development opportunities
  • A positive and collaborative work environment
  • Opportunity to contribute to the success and well-being of our students

How to Apply:

If you are a proactive, dedicated, and adaptable individual interested in contributing to a welcoming educational environment during term time and IEP weeks, we invite you to apply for the Term-Time School Housekeeper position. Please submit contact us outlining your relevant experience and why you believe you are the right fit for this role. Email [email protected] or call 08 6189 3521

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2023 경북 버섯 판촉행사
오즈코리아 12:33
Indoor Gardener<br>Indoor Gardener
오즈코리아 09.23 14:50


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