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Cleaning | $35 - $45hr | Fancy yourself a natural homemaker?

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We’re looking for well-practiced homemakers. 

The kind that: 

  • Get a kick out of helping others and wearing their ‘caretaker’ cap, chest out proud to swoop in and save the day
  • Juggle tasks like a circus master, but without the big top
  • Manage expectations like a pro, you leave surprises for birthday parties only
  • Have a time management game so strong, you could easily plan a spontaneous trip to Mars
  • Crave feedback like a chef watching the faces of his guests as they take the first mouthful

If you’re nodding along (and enjoyed our cheesy, yet relatable analogies), is it a sign?  What are you waiting for?

Who are we? 

It all started way back in 94’ with a small cleaning run to help our own family get back up on our feet.  Today we're cultivating the same service energy, to share our learnings and support lifting as many people on their journey just like you. 

Little by little we grew – finding more folks who share our drive to help others and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. 


The Work

Don’t be fooled by our ‘Family Clean’ name – home life is more than just cleaning.
But being a well-practised homemaker, you already know that ;)  

Every home is different. You’ll hit the ground running as a Home Assistant matched to quality clients, providing a service so darn good, they won’t remember life before you and, won’t want to do it without you (they’re clingy like that, but we promise it’s sweet). 

Imagine serving clients all over Perth, from the city centre to the serene suburbs, with most opportunities within 20km of the city. It’s a chance to work close to home, or wherever your daily life takes you!

You’ll be… 

The tornado that sucks up the kid mess.

The product savvy mind and strong scrubbing arm for bathroom build-up.

The multitasking master, timing loads of laundry. 

The efficient errand runner, the basic meal-prepper, the plant watering rescuer, the ‘floor is so clean I could lick it’ – feel good environment maker, the dog’s new favourite. 

The Details: 

  • $35 - $45/hr
  • You get to clear a minimum of $140 per job (based on a 4-hour job) + then $45/hr thereafter.
  • Weekly or Fortnightly jobs, weekdays between 7am and 5pm – you choose how much you work.
  • Apply to work as a dynamic duo with a friend or family member
  • Got wheels? Even better!

Sound like you? Let’s get the ball rolling!

Hit the ‘Quick Apply’ button, pop in your details and our friendly recruitment team will be in touch with next steps. 

P.S. Looking for a helpful tip for a successful application? Jump on over to our website to learn more about this work. And while you're still surfing the internet, why not also take a peek at our 750+ 4.8-star Google Reviews (from clients and your potential fellow Home Assistants) – to see how we roll.

We look forward to meeting you.  
The Family Clean Team

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